• “Penumbra has prepared my family's tax return each of the past two years. Previously I used TurboTax, which seems to offer value for money and a user-friendly interface, but which in fact doesn't include or rather buries quite a number of possible deductions. Penumbra offers a responsive and personal service due to the scale of their operation. Calls and messages are always answered and/or promptly returned, with questions fully answered at whatever length proves necessary to fully satisfy and to find the best possible financial/tax strategy for the client. Penumbra's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction won't be beaten for such comparative value.”

    —Sam N.
  • “Professional, prompt, and highly knowledgeable - Penumbra has and continues to serve my clients with the utmost degree of service. I also must mention the firm has adopted wonderful technological systems allowing them to serve clients located throughout the country. If you happen to be local (Utah), be sure to check out their awesome office!”

    —Brian B.
  • “Stepping out from having my parents help with my yearly return and living in 3 different states over the course of 4 years put me at a disadvantage when it came to navigating the tax code. Penumbra was not only knowledgeable about navigating various states' tax laws, they also took it further to make sure I wasn't missing a deduction and understood how my return would be filed and why. No detail was missed and I appreciate the depth of knowledge available to me, anytime I needed it. Taxes are one aspect of life where mistakes can be costly and Penumbra has given me peace of mind that my tax needs are handled carefully and in full accordance with tax law.”

    —Martha E.
  • “I had been doing my own taxes for years, mainly because I had a bad experience with an unethical accountant. But with one phone call with Jacob, I learned of the mistake I had been making that had cost me $1,000 in penalties. Had I reached out for professional help sooner, I would have avoided this costly mistake! Penumbra has an amazing support team that is truly looking out for your best interest, not their own!”

    —Kelly S.